txt!! reading clean things my bfs snacks binge watching dramas & shows manhwas sung jinwoo



tone indicators are very appreciated. i tend to go on & off with dms & cr hourlyriti ib ikisschris

By The Way!

i am a solo stan of aespas ningning & skzs felix. i really dgaf if u anti or solo stan any other groups as long as its not txt. if its not obv i prioritize txt. i solo stan some members of groups. i can b nsfw lmk if uncomfy. i make kys/kms jokes 2 people who r fine with it. i use tone indicators only if u need it. if u dont fit discords age criteria i will avoid interactions. i joke around w words like uwu & owo on occasion. i dont cursing or caps.


Go Away

+21 unless moots. txt anti. u think pronouns = gender. u invalidate neos & xenos. ur young enough 4 me 2 babysit like omg pay me. we have NO STANS in common. u ship real people srsly. filipino kpop stans SLASH HJ. u guys r kinda unfunny. u support lolicons, shotacons, noncon & ntr. use the terms fudanshi, fujoshi, waifu, husbando. u copy people. u fetishize cultures. dsmp.. ggpopper. bppopper. ur irl unless siblings friends & bfs


tomorrow x together. astro. p1harmony. ive. itzy. twice. seventeen. fav shows one piece. jujutsu kaisen. tensura. black clover. death note. tbhk. tokyorev. extraodinary attorney woo. business proposal. 2521. the penthouse. juvenile justice. law school.



eo viz vik axel zane zeya jay icko prez egg ave yza ely lia minji yiyi mark aj swage flor jules lan mar ten pai ollie han sputnik berrie ven meka ace seulji aki bee jade laura mari niks riri rri chai adorings ogs & staff team.. much more